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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life at Rustic Creations...right now

Well, we have been MIA for a little while...We have recently found out that we are having another boy...so I will be out numbered here at the Foster house... The pregnancy has been a little diffcult because I was so sick at first and once again life has thrown us a challenge. We have recently found out that our little bundle of joy has some problems that were detected on the last sonogram...and we will be sent to another Dr. to get more info> which is next week... Patiently waiting to hear the extent of the treatment that we will undergo after the baby is born. So, I am taking orders but orders will probably take a little bit longer than normal..because I'm not real sure where we will be next...we may be referred out to some other Dr.'s at UAB or Atlanta...but we definitely need your prayers. So, I'm sorry for the delay of updates but Family is always more important...so thank you for those of you that already know and have been praying...and thank you for your understanding...We truly appreciate your prayers and we believe in that God has a plan and HE hears our prayers...so THANK YOU>>>>


Shea Stringer Long said...

I have been a follower of your art for some time now and have seen your work in several places.
I just wanted to say that prayers are being said for your baby boy. I hope and pray everything turns out ok. take care of yourself and that little one. you and he are the most important thing right now.

Anonymous said...

I will keep you and your sweet family in my prayers...
Ashley in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

yes. . . it's me, friend, and i just wanted to say that i am definitely going to be praying for you and your sweet family. we wish you the very best! God is good, all the time!!

The Fosters said...

Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone who has been praying for us...We have been to the Dr. and confirmed everything and we are still asking God to help us to Trust and Understand Him but I know we will have alot of blessing through this child..Thank you for your prayers...

AngieP said...

Hi Shana~

I will def. be thinking of and praying for you!!!!


Anonymous said...

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